Table 2.

Average scores of inflammatory and degenerative lesions in several organs from different virus-injected (-v) age-groups, sham-injected (-pbs), and naïve (-n) control groups.

6 mo-v12 mo-v24 mo-v3 mo-pbs6 mo-n12 mo-n
LungMononuclear leucocytes(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)
Granulocytic leucocytes(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)
Alveolar edema(+)(+)(+)
HeartMononuclear leucocytes(+)(+)(+)
LiverMononuclear leucocytes(+)(+)+(+)(+)+
Granulocytic leucocytes(+)(+)(+)
Hepatic degeneration(+)++(+)(+)(+)
Interstitial fibrosis(+)(+)
KidneyMononuclear leucocytes(+)++(+)(+)
Granulocytic leucocytes(+)(+)
Tubular degeneration(+)(+)
SpleenPALS hyperplasia++(+)+++(+)++
Follicular hyperplasia(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)
  • Semiquantitative score (according to Gibson-Corley et al [2013]): - none; (+) minimal; + mild; ++ moderate; EMH extramedullary hematopoiesis; PALS periarteriolar lymphoid sheaths.