Table 2.

Multivariate Cox regression model for Bruton tyrosine kinase (BTK), combined with demographic and clinical factors affecting overall survival in the TMA GBM primary patients.

VariableP.valueHR (95% CI)
Gender0.3790.778 (0.445–1.360)
Age0.7641.004 (0.977–1.033)
KPS0.0270.509 (0.279–0.927)
Subtotal resection0.3371.444 (0.682–3.059)
Biopsy0.1362.180 (0.783–6.069)
Radiotherapy (RT)0.5281.501 (0.425–5.295)
Chemotherapy (TMZ)0.0150.383 (0.177–0.827)
IDH status0.0382.700 (1.056–6.900)
BTK expression0.0260.985 (0.972–0.998)
  • All variables are categorical except age and BTK expression were continuous. Gender: male to female; RT and TMZ: untreated to treated; IDH status: wild type to mutant; Karnofsky performance scale (KPS): >80 to ≤ 80. Extent of resection: gross total resection is the reference.