Table 1.

Genomic mutations linked to the suppression of abo1∆ cells growth defect.

Suppressor strainsSingle-nucleotide variantAmino acid modificationProtein nameFunction (protein complex)
abo1∆_supAG>A (3778764)R1303stopHip3HIRA complex
abo1∆_supBG>A (3780744)Q643stop
abo1∆_supCA>C (3779930)L914stop
abo1∆_supDT>A (3780930)K581stop
abo1∆_supEA>T (3780247)C808stop
abo1∆_supFins T (3782449)N74fs
abo1∆_supGG>T (3016457)G307ASlm9
abo1∆_supHC>T (3017455)Q640stop
abo1∆_supIins A (2539317)I213fsPcf1CAF1 complex
abo1∆_supJT>C (1365405)L83SHht2 (H3)Histones
abo1∆_supKT>G (4699234)T55PHhf1 (H4)
  • Detailed description of the single-nucleotide variants in genes encoding subunits of HIRA and CAF1 histone chaperone complexes or histone H3 and H4 found in the 11 abo1∆_sup (A to K) clones (also see Fig S3). The genomic positions of the single-nucleotide variants are indicated in brackets. >, substitution; ins, insertion; fs, frameshift; stop, non-sense.