Table 2.

OrtSuite workflow runtime and clustering performance.

OrtSuite stepRuntime
ORAdb construction and Generation of GPR_rules2 h 47 min
Generation of protein ortholog clusters54 min
Functional annotation of sequences in ortholog clusters6 min
Defining putative microbial interactions3 min
Total3 h 50 min
Precision (BLAST)0.63
Recall (BLAST)0.77
Precision (DIAMOND)0.64
Recall (DIAMOND)0.85
  • The total runtime of each OrtSuite step when analyzing the genomic potential of species in Test_genome_set dataset in three pathways (P1, P2, and P3) for the conversion of benzoate to acetyl-CoA (BTA). Steps were performed with default parameters on a laptop with four cores and 16 GB of RAM. Pair-wise precision and recall results of OrthoFinder using BLAST and DIAMOND as an alignment search tool. Clustering was performed on the Test_genome_set dataset plus the mutated genomes.