Table 1.

Estimated parameters (fixed effect) for SARS-CoV-2 infection in nose and throat.

Parameter nameSymbol (unit)NoseThroat
Parameters in the model
 Maximum rate constant for viral replicationγ (d−1)18.22.89a
 Rate constant for virus infectionβ ([copies/ml]−1 d−1)1.79 × 10-66.70 × 10-6
 Death rate of infected cellsδ (d−1)1.14
 Efficacy of blocking virus production by RDVε (−)0.618
 Viral load at virus inoculationV(0) (copies/ml)2.86 × 103
Quantities derived from the parameters
 Within-host basic reproduction numberR0 (=γ/δ)16.02.54a
 Malthusian parameterM (=γδ)17.11.75a
  • a Statistically different from nose (the Wald test).