Table 3.

Effects of catalytically active (WT) Polλ or catalytically inactive D427A and D429A mutant Polλ on TLS opposite a cis-syn TT dimer, a (6-4) TT photoproduct, a thymine glycol, or a 1,N6-ethenodeoxyadenosine, carried on the leading strand template in Polλ−/− MEFs.

DNA lesionVector expressingNumber of Kan+ coloniesNumber of blue colonies among Kan+ coloniesTLS (%)a
cis-syn TT dimerNo Polλ (control)3558724.5
WT Polλ34811131.9
Mutant Polλ40912430.3
(6-4) TT PPNo Polλ (control)3084614.9
WT Polλ3169530.1
Mutant Polλ2864014.0
TgNo Polλ (control)4464610.3
WT Polλ3958421.3
Mutant Polλ3618022.2
εdANo Polλ (control)3113410.9
WT Polλ4058220.2
Mutant Polλ2866221.7
  • a Statistical analyses of these data are shown in Table S3.