Table 2.

Existing drugs that are approved or investigated for clinical use and that can target some of the enzymes predicted in this study as causing metabolism-based reduction of SARS-CoV-2 biomass production.

ReactionEnzymeApproved drug or inhibitorCurrent useDrugBank IDReferences (PubMed ID)
ATPS4mATP synthase subunit aEstradiolHormone therapyDB0078312587531; 23274738
ATPS4mATP synthase subunit cBedaquilineAntimicrobialDB0890317496888
ENOEnolaseSodium fluorideAntimicrobialDB093259227132; 16411755
PGM/PGKPhosphoglycerate mutaseArtenimolAntimicrobialDB116326340163
PGM/PGKPhosphoglycerate mutaseCopperDiet supplementDB0913015359738
FTCDFormimidoyltransferase cyclodeaminasePyridoxal phosphateDiet supplementDB0011417016423
SUCD1mSuccinate dehydrogenaseUbidecarenoneDiet supplementDB0927016551570
  • Information is collated from DrugBank database (Wishart et al, 2018). The reaction abbreviations are as in Table 1.