Table 1.

Influence of a 17-aa peptide representing the KlGal80 N terminus (KlN17G80) on galactokinase inhibition by KlGal80p or KlGal80-K5A/R6Ap.

KlGal80p variant/peptideRelative galactokinase activity (in %)a
KlGal80p20.27 ± 1.03
KlGal80-K5A/R6Ap93.63 ± 4.72
KlN17G80 peptide99.43 ± 4.92
KlGal80p and KlN17G80 peptide18.77 ± 2.05
  • a The measured kinase activity was compared with the activity in the absence of KlGal80p or its peptide giving the relative kinase activity. The values result from two independent measurements with four technical replicates each.