Table 1.

Best mean score for metrics s1, s2, and s3 achieved by the teams (Thin Nguyen, WhatATeam, and OmicsEngineering) and the WOC solution.

Subchallenge 10.76 (±0.04)0.73 (±0.04)2.52 (±0.28)2.16 (±0.20)0.59 (±0.01)0.62 (±0.01)
Subchallenge 20.69 (±0.03)0.70 (±0.05)1.16 (±0.12)1.84 (±0.26)0.67 (±0.02)0.65 (±0.01)
Subchallenge 30.65 (±0.05)0.68 (±0.03)0.88 (±0.13)1.42 (±0.16)0.79 (±0.02)0.71 (±0.01)
  • The SD of scores across folds is in parenthesis. s1 measures how well the expression of the cell at the predicted location correlates to the expression from the reference atlas and includes the variance of the predicted locations for each cell, s2 measures the accuracy of the predicted location, and s3 measures how well the gene-wise spatial patterns were reconstructed. For more details on the scoring metrics, see the Materials and Methods section.