Table 2.

Comparison of Lethocerus and Drosophila thick filament proteins.

Lethocerus indicusDrosophila melanogasterReference
Filament length2.3 μm3.2 μmReedy (1967) and Gasek et al (2016)
Rotational symmetryC4C4Morris et al (1991), Reedy et al (1981), and this work
Helical parameters145 Å, 33.98°145 Å, 33.86°Hu et al (2016), Irving and Maughan (2000), Perz-Edwards et al (2011), and this work
Non-myosin proteinsProteinMolecular weightRatio to MhcMolecular weightRatio to Mhc
Flightin19 kD1:220 kD1:2Qiu et al (2005)
Myofilin30 kD1:220 kD1:2Qiu et al (2005)
Paramyosin107 kD1:7a102 kD1:15Bullard et al (1973), Vinos et al (1991), Becker et al (1992)
Miniparamyosin62 kD55 kDBecker et al (1992), Maroto et al (1996)
Projectin800 kD800–1,000 kDLakey et al (1990), Ayme-Southgate and Southgate (2006)
Kettin700 kD540 kDLakey et al (1993), Bullard et al (2006)
Stretchin-klp225, 231 kDPatel and Saide (2005)
  • a Lethocerus cordofanus and Lethocerus maximus.