Table 1.

Specific proteins and genes extracted from yeast Ncr1 screens according to function or organelle association.

FunctionScreen for interaction partnersMislocalisation screenSynthetic sick/lethal screen
Mitochondrial functionRcf1, Mcy1, Mrpl23, Aep1, Mss116, Nam2, Rsf1, and Coq3SOM1, FMP37, MCT1, MRPL17, COA2, ATP20, ILM1, RSM22, STF2, HTD2, FZO1, ADK1, OCT1, and MSF1
CytoskeletonShe4 and Prk1ADA2
Calcium homeostasisPmc1Pmr1
Metal ion homeostasisFth1Ctr1MAC1
Lipid traffickingPry1
Nutrient sensing and nutrient uptakeTco89AGP1
Protein sortingVps41, Did4, Pmr1, and Yip5MVB12 and APS1
Lipid homeostasisErg27 and Sel1CHO2 and, FEN1
Cell cycleApc11WHI4