Table 1.

Description of mouse models of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) used, including genotype, number of mice in each group, onset of PanINs (or intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasia [IPMN] for KSC) and PDAC, and percentage of remnant islets in mice with PanINs only or both PanINs and PDAC. None: no remnant islets, PanIN or PDAC lesions were found. N/P: mice did not show PanIN only. T/A: PDAC was analyzed when the mice were euthanized.

Mice genotypeOnset PanIN only (mo)Onset PDAC + PanIN (mo)% Remnant islet (PanIN only)% Remnant islet (PanIN + PDAC)
KC (n = 38)4–65–1226% (5 mice)48% (19 mice)
KC+anti–TGF-β (n = 6)6 (T/A)6 (T/A)0% (2 mice)6% (4 mice)
KC−mTmG (n = 6)NoneNoneNoneNone
KSC (n = 6)1–4 (IPMN)4–8N/P3% (6 mice)
Smad4KO (n = 3)NoneNoneNoneNone
KTC (n = 6)1–21–2N/P0% (6 mice)
mTmG (n = 6)NoneNoneNoneNone
β-LucTam (n = 6)NoneNoneNoneNone
KβLucTam (n = 6)NoneNoneNoneNone
HFD (n = 6)NoneNoneNoneNone
Pancreatitis (n = 6)NoneNoneNoneNone