Table 1.

Domains enriched in TANFOR-encoding gene neighborhoods.

pfam13573SprB repeat2.14E-87
COG3401Fibronectin type 3 (Fn3) domain1.03E-56
COG3291PKD repeat8.18E-47
TIGR04183Por secretion system C-terminal sorting domain (Por_Secre_tail)1.63E-28
TIGR00864Polycystin cation channel (PCC) protein containing PKD repeats2.04E-16
cd00063Fibronectin type 3 (Fn3) domain; one of three types of internal repeats found in the plasma protein fibronectin5.87E-08
cd00146Polycystic kidney disease I (PKD) domain, similar to other cell surface modules, with an IG-like fold2.16E-07