Table 2.

Most enriched pathways for genes up-regulated in the mammary gland of KO versus WT specific and opportunistic pathogen-free animals.

GO biological process termCount%P-valueGenes
GO:0002523∼leukocyte migration involved in inflammatory response37.52.66E-4S100a8, S100a9, and Elane
GO:0050900∼leukocyte migration512.58.63E-4S100a8, S100a9, Elane, Thbs1, and Calca
GO:0052547∼regulation of peptidase activity512.51.53E-3S100a8, S100a9, Thbs1, Wfdc18, and Ngp
GO:0097529∼myeloid leukocyte migration410.01.60E-3S100a8, S100a9, Thbs1, and Calca
GO:0030595∼leukocyte chemotaxis410.02.71E-3S100a8, S100a9, Thbs1, and Calca
GO:0044707∼single-multicellular organism process1742.53.79E-3Col9a3, Mmp8, Mpo, Igf2, Krt10, Elane, Muc4, Slc5a1, Gjb2, Thbs1, Calca, Irx4, S100a9, Mfap4, Rbp1, Ngp, and S100a8
GO:0006952∼defense response820.03.99E-3S100a9, Mpo, Igf2, Elane, Thbs1, Ngp, S100a8, and Calca
GO:0070488∼neutrophil aggregation25.04.30E-3S100a8 and S100a9
GO:0007155∼cell adhesion820.05.78E-3S100a9, Igf2, Elane, Thbs1, S100a8, Calca, Mfap4, and Muc4
GO:0022610∼biological adhesion820.06.02E-3S100a9, Igf2, Elane, Thbs1, S100a8, Calca, Mfap4, and Muc4
GO:0060326∼cell chemotaxis410.06.04E-3S100a8, S100a9, Thbs1, and Calca