Table 2.

Gene ontology pathways common to DEGs overtime.

Pathway2 mo1 yr2 yr
No. of upNo. of downNo. of upNo. of downNo. of upNo. of down
1Immune response1434891211
2Transcription factor binding27542419
3Regulation of immune response112794129
4Regulation of response to external stimulus112558614
5Positive regulation of the immune system process16281041211
6External side of the plasma membrane32056512
7Leukocyte migration5161536
9Regulation of cell activation92476109
11Cell migration182675916
12Response to wounding1427761211
14Carbohydrate binding4232137
15Leukocyte chemotaxis2120425
16Regulation of lymphocyte activation8207587
17Regulation of defense response92225410
18Regulation of locomotion142176714
19G-protein–coupled peptide receptor activity2112425
20Regulation of cell migration131976714
  • Top 20 pathways affected by Cx3cr1 genotype (KO versus WT) are shown, with the number of genes up-regulated or down-regulated at each time point. Pathways showed an overall increase (tan highlight) or decrease (blue highlight) in expression. Only genes with FDR < 0.05, fold change > 30%, and average expression > 4 TPM were included in the enrichment analysis.