Table 4.

Overlap of genes between mapping methods for each NHP species significantly different in their transcriptomic response to poly(I:C) compared with that of human.

NHP species being compared with humansNo. of genes from mapping to species-specific genomeaNo. of genes from mapping to human genomeaNo. of genes in common between two mapping methodsPercentage of species genome–mapped genes in common between methodsPercentage of human genome–mapped genes in common between methods
Olive baboon34134627680.9479.77
Pig-tailed macaque28528225288.4289.36
Rhesus macaque32131127685.9888.75
Squirrel monkey46145239685.9087.61
  • a Genes in treated-versus-mock NHP samples that differed from treated-versus-mock human samples by abs[log2(foldchange)] ≥ 3, Padj ≥ 0.05