Table 1.

Multimerization measured by assay I and II.

PRDM9 constructConstruct nameMW (kD)Expression systempIProtein stoichiometry (CI)
Assay IAssay II
Truncated ZnF arrayeYFP-ZnFCst 1–1177bact. SN, WC8.843.8 (0.46)3.5 (0.09)
eYFP-ZnFCst 2–1162bact. SN9.12.7 (0.44)3.0 (0.01)
ZnFCst 2–826bact. SN9.382.7 (0.46)2.5 (0.11)
ZnFCst 2–621bact. SN9.312.9 (0.30)2.9 (0.08)
  • Four different PRDM9 truncated ZnF constructs measured in both assay I and II resulted in comparable average estimates of protein stoichiometry. The confidence intervals are given in parenthesis. The size of each construct (MW in kilodalton), the used expression system (bact. SN, SN of bacterial expression; WC, WC fraction including cell debris of bacterial expression), and the theoretical isoelectric point (pI) are shown.