Table 1.

Characterization of 3′ UTRs of genes with promoted or repressed polysomal association under DR.

3′ UTR
Mean BP148.2170.6180.6
SD BP124.2137.9142.1
P-value BP8.71 × 10−090.406n/a
Mean GC0.2670.2790.271
SD GC0.0730.0710.067
P-value GC0.1210.205n/a
Mean MFE−19.1−25.1−21.5
SD MFE27.032.925.6
P-value MFE7.19 × 10−050.912n/a
  • Promoted, genes with positive DPAR; Repressed, genes with a negative DPAR; All, all quantifiable genes in the dataset; mean GC, the mean GC content of the UTR sequence; avg BP, the mean sequence base pair length; mean MFE, the mean minimum free energy in kcal/mol; n, the number of sequences available for use in the analysis.

  • Values in bold are significantly (Wilcoxon rank sum test, P-value < 0.05) different compared with all quantifiable genes.