Table 1.

Summary of native MS characterization of KaiC and KaiA–KaiC complex formed in the presence of AMPPNP.

Figure numberIon seriesAssignmentTheoretical mass (D)Experimental mass (D)Δm (D)aRelative quantity (%)
Protein complexAMPPNP numberMg2+ number
Fig 1ABlueKaiCAA61212353,850353,857 ± 10−7
Fig 1CBlueKaiCAA61212353,850353,855 ± 9−5
Fig 1CRedKaiCAA6/KaiA21112418,838418,896 ± 27−5853b
Fig 1COrangeKaiCAA6/KaiA21012418,332418,412 ± 28−8047b
Fig S2ABlueKaiCDD61212354,396354,375 ± 1221
Fig S2CBlueKaiCDD61212354,396354,447 ± 16−51
Fig S2CRedKaiCDD6/KaiA21212419,890420,076 ± 47−186
  • a Δm is the mass difference between the experimental mass and the theoretical mass.

  • b Relative quantity of two ion series are shown.