Table 2.

False discovery corrected P-values obtained from regression of either Δ age (main method) or APOE ε4 with indicated disease or aging variables of interest.

VariableΔ AgeAPOE ε4
ΔGlobal cognition/yr5.1 × 10−5a1.9 × 10−5a
 ΔEpisodic memory/yr2.9 × 10−4a2.5 × 10−6a
 ΔVisual-spatial ability/yr0.003a0.02a
 ΔPerceptual speed/yr8.7 × 10−5a0.02a
 ΔSemantic memory/yr5.1 × 10−5a1.6 × 10−5a
 ΔWorking memory/yr0.03a0.006a
Global cognition level3.2 × 10−5a2.4 × 10−6a
 Episodic memory level9 × 10−5a2.2 × 10−6a
Dementia grade0.006a7.6 × 10−5a
AD clinical diagnosis3.2 × 10−5a7.9 × 10−4a
Mini mental examination score0.0017a1.7 × 10−4a
Depression score0.690.85
General pathology0.035a5.2 × 10−10a
Plaque level0.068.1 × 10−8a
Tangles level0.04a5.4 × 10−7a
Amyloid level0.155.4 × 10−7a
Amyloid angiopathy0.07a9.4 × 10−7a
PD diagnosis0.880.28
PD sign score0.038a0.02a
PD Pathology0.006a0.88
Lewy body pathology0.02a0.69
Stroke diagnosis0.560.40
“Heart problem” history0.170.90
Hypertension at baseline0.003b0.67
Arteriolar sclerosis0.750.84
Cerebral infarction gross0.470.40
Cerebral infarction micro0.330.58
Cancer history0.910.95
Thyroid disease history0.080.60
Smoking (lifetime pack-years)0.750.46
APO ε4 alleles0.035a0
Δ Age00.035a
  • a Indicate significantly increased risk with older Δ age or greater APOE ε4 alleles.

  • b Indicates the inverse relationship.