Table 4.

Relevance of the correlation between miRNA and mRNA expression.

StructureSpecific miRNARegulated target mRNAmRNA function associated with the structure
Olfactory bulbmiR-544-3pSp8Transcription factor known to regulate olfactory bulb interneuron development (Li et al, 2018)
Barhl2Transcription factor involved in the development of region-specific differences in the forebrain (Parish et al, 2016) and the diencephalon (Ding et al, 2017)
DcxMandatory for proper migration and development of olfactory bulb neurons (Belvindrah et al, 2011)
Wnt5aNecessary for olfactory axon connections (Zaghetto et al, 2007; Paina et al, 2011; Pino et al, 2011)
Cortexnovel-miR-28-3pVipVip-expressing interneurons are crucial for cortical circuits development (Batista-Brito et al, 2017)
Cbln2Expressed in the subpopulation of excitatory cortical neurons (Seigneur & Südhof, 2017)
Lynx1Mandatory for cortical network stability (Morishita et al, 2010)
HippocampusmiR-3065-5pLhx9Implicated in the development of the hippocampal subdivisions (Abellán et al, 2014)
Il16Modulation of Kv4.2K+ currents and thus neuronal intrinsic properties (Fenster et al, 2007)
GnrhrInvolved in the hippocampus-specific neuronal plasticity mechanism (Schang et al, 2011)
PrkcgSupports hippocampal long-term potentiation (Gärtner et al, 2006)
Pcdh19Regulated in plasticity paradigm (Kim et al, 2010) and mutations linked to epilepsy and mental retardation (Dibbens et al, 2008)
Gria1Involved in neuronal homeostatic plasticity (Sutton et al, 2006; Letellier et al, 2014)
Spinal CordmiR-10b-5pBcl11bMandatory for the development of axonal projections (Arlotta et al, 2005)
miR-615Slc17a7Defines a subpopulation of neurons involved in pain processing (Landry et al, 2004; Brumovsky et al, 2007)
FosBIncreased expression during spinal cord development and nociception (Herdegen et al, 1991; Redemann-Fibi et al, 1991)
ArcEnhanced expression in response to pain (Hossaini et al, 2010)
SynpoRegulated in bone cancer pain conditions (Elramah et al, 2017)
miR-344gPax2Involved in spinal cord development (Larsson, 2017)
Lmx1bInvolved in spinal cord development (Ding et al, 2004; Hilinski et al, 2016)
Lbx1Involved in pain mechanisms (Gross et al, 2002; Cheng et al, 2017)
AplnrInvolved in pain mechanisms (Xiong et al, 2017)
miR-551b-5pHoxb3Involved in spinal cord development (Yau et al, 2002)
Pax8Involved in spinal cord development (Batista & Lewis, 2008)
Nkx6-1Involved in spinal cord development (Sander et al, 2000; Vallstedt et al, 2001)
Glp1rInvolved in pain mechanisms (Djenoune et al, 2014)
Pkd2l1Defines a subpopulation of neurons regulating locomotion (Böhm et al, 2016)
  • For each structure, specifically enriched or depleted miRNAs (in bold or italic, respectively) were associated with oppositely regulated mRNAs (up-regulated in bold and down-regulated in italic) known for their role in the given CNS structure.