Table 1.

Summary of BACE2 and BACE1 expression in the mouse brain.

Brain areaBACE2 expressionBACE2 expressing cell typesBACE1 expressionBACE1 expressing cell types
Hippocampus (dorsal)Not found+++Neurons
Hippocampus (ventral CA3 and subiculum)++Neurons+++Neurons
Cortex (highest in motor and somatosensory layers 4 and 5)+Neurons++Neurons, occasional astrocytes
Thalamus+Neurons+++Neurons, occasional astrocytes
Cerebellum+Oligodendrocytes++Neurons, oligodendrocytes
Fiber tracts+, ++ at P16Oligodendrocytes++, +++ at P16Oligodendrocytes, astrocytes
Lateral ventricle lining+AstrocytesNot found